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Bactroban ointment 15g is a well-known topical antibiotic that has gained popularity for its usefulness in treating a wide range of skin conditions. In this article, we will delve into the ingredients, uses, benefits, and potential side effects of Bactroban ointment, offering you a comprehensive guide to this medication.

Bactroban Ingredient:

The primary active ingredient in Bactroban ointment is Mupirocin. Mupirocin is a potent antibiotic that works by inhibiting the development of bacteria on the skin. This ingredient is effective against a variety of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, making it a valuable component in the fight against skin infections.

Bactroban Ointment Uses:

Impetigo: Bactroban is commonly prescribed to treat impetigo, a contagious skin infection often seen in children. It permits the elimination of the bacteria responsible for the infection, promoting faster healing.   Folliculitis: Folliculitis is a condition of hair strands that can cause itchy and painful pimples. Bactroban ointment can be applied to the affected areas to reduce the infection and provide relief.   Infected Wounds: Bactroban is used to prevent or treat infections in minor cuts, scrapes, and wounds. It creates a protective barrier that keeps bacteria at bay, allowing the skin to heal.   Nasal Infections: In some cases, healthcare professionals may recommend Bactroban ointment for nasal infections, particularly those caused by methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).   Other Skin Infections: Bactroban can be effective in treating various skin infections, such as boils, carbuncles, and minor skin abscesses.  

Bactroban Ointment Benefits:

Effective Antibacterial Action: Bactroban’s active ingredient, Mupirocin, is highly effective at eradicating bacteria, providing fast relief from various skin infections. Topical Application: Bactroban is easy to apply directly to the affected area, ensuring that the medication targets the infection without affecting the rest of the body. Reduced Scarring: By preventing or treating infections in wounds, Bactroban can aid in reducing scarring and promote quicker healing. Minimized Spread of Infections: Bactroban is particularly useful for preventing the spread of contagious skin infections like impetigo, which is common among children.

Bactroban Side Effects:

While Bactroban is generally well-tolerated, some individuals may experience mild side effects, including: Burning or Stinging Sensation: Some people may experience a temporary burning or stinging sensation when applying the ointment. Itching or Rash: Itchiness or a skin rash may occur in rare cases. Redness or Irritation: Skin redness or irritation at the application site may be observed in a small number of users. Allergic Reactions: Although rare, some individuals may develop an allergic reaction to Bactroban, characterized by hives, swelling, or severe itching. Infection Recurrence: In some cases, the infection may return after initial treatment, requiring further medical attention.


Bactroban ointment is a valuable topical antibiotic with a wide range of uses, benefits, and a relatively low risk of side effects. It is important to obey your healthcare provider’s instructions when using Bactroban and to report any adverse reactions promptly. When used correctly, Bactroban can effectively treat various skin infections and promote faster healing. Constantly confer with a healthcare specialist for personalized guidance and treatment.

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